Wellness Advisor Program

Wellness Advisor Program for UCare Medicare with M Health Fairview and North Memorial Health, Care Core and Care Wise Members

Experts say that emotional health and well-being is incredibly important to maintain our physical health. We know that the body’s immune system is stronger in people who maintain a good sense of well-being and, even if they do get sick, recovery times can be shorter. Maintaining a good sense of well-being means that when we notice we are feeling down or anxious about life, even for a short time, we get help to make us feel better – just like we would if we caught the cold or flu.

Because your emotional health and well-being is so important, UCare and M Health Fairview have teamed up to offer our members an expert well-being advisor service at no extra cost to you. If you feel down or are worried about something, you can call our Wellness Advisor Program at 612-672-7995 (TTY: 711) to speak with your own personal well-being advisor.

Your well-being advisor is an experienced health professional trained to look at the ‘whole person’. That means that they understand how the physical and emotional sides of our health work together.

When you talk with your advisor about your concerns, your advisor may offer suggestions, advice, or help you work with your provider to get you back to feeling yourself again. Afterwards, if you agree, they may check back in with you to make sure everything is still going OK.

In addition to personalized resources provided by your advisor, you have access to our online self-guided resource page. Click here and enter passcode “UCareMA” for more information on aging, health, finances, legal forms, and much more.

And the best part about this program? It is available to our members at no additional charge.

Wellness Advisors are available by phone,

Monday – Friday from 9am – 5pm at 612-672-7995 (TTY: 711)

Or contact your Well-being Advisor by completing the form below.

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