Caregiver Assurance™

Some of us have family members who require help with daily living-meals, prescriptions, house cleaning, shopping, transportation, and more. There are times when expert assistance is helpful to answer questions or make things easier for both the caregiver and care recipient.

Your UCare MSHO plan includes complimentary access to Caregiver Assurance™ for up to 12 annual visits for your designated caregiver.*

We’ll partner you directly with a dedicated Caregiver Assurance Advisor, who is a licensed clinician experienced in aging and caregiving. Your advisor will help address your top caregiving concerns, collaborate with care coordination and offer suggestions, informational resources, and referrals.

Advisors are available by phone Monday-Friday, 9am-7pm.

Some examples of resources, referrals, and guidance available to you through this program include support with:

  • Stress management
  • Emotional support
  • Health and movement
  • Financial support resources
  • Family support
  • Self-care
  • Relaxation strategies
  • Support with alternative care options

Your Caregiver Assurance Advisor can be a valuable source to you when your loved one may be needing additional care. A Caregiver Assurance Advisor can support you and your loved one through transitions by offering emotional support, resources and referrals to explore medical and non-medical home care options, financial support sources, resources for transportation, meal planning, home maintenance, and more.

Contact your UCare Care Coordinator or call us directly at 612-672-7996 to get started!

*Your designated caregiver is a single individual that may take advantage of this benefit. Before participating in Caregiver Assurance, your caregiver must confirm that they have authority (authorized representative or Power of Attorney status) to discuss your protected health information. When calling, your designated caregiver will need to have your UCare member information available.

Frequently Asked Questions